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Time For a New Kitchen?

Kitchen Worktops

We all think about our dream kitchen. Sometimes we plan ahead, and sometimes we wait too long. If you fall into the latter category, transforming the kitchen becomes a necessity, and this is when mistakes are made. There are several tell-tale signs that indicate it is time to invest in your home and your new kitchen.

Hopefully, the guidelines below will help you determine when the time is right for your big kitchen overhaul that can add much more than the cost to the value of your residence.

Adequate Space

The first place to begin your kitchen assessment is with the space. The longer we are in a home, the more our space demands change. Ask yourself:

When you answer these questions, you will know the size of the project you are undertaking. Remember, every homebuyer wants a first rate kitchen and sometimes it is worth knocking down walls to ensure the proper space.

Traffic Flow

Kitchens that host more than one cook require more working space. Also, if you enjoy entertaining while you cook, you may want to open an area. And, then there is the always popular island. The minimum walkway should be 36 inches but for more than one chef, 48 inches is the recommended minimum.


Children can greatly influence the need for a kitchen re-design. In homes with children, the kitchen seems to be the centre of the house. Many times the kitchen counter is a favorite for homework, but it is nice to be able to have the kids around the counter while meals are being prepared. However, a more serious consideration for children is that outdated appliances can be hazardous.


Is you kitchen energy efficient? Todays dishwashers, disposals, refrigerators and cooking appliances are amazingly energy efficient. Technology has made the new-age kitchen appliances highly economical and safe to operate. If you install new appliances, take the time to learn all their capabilities.


As your kitchen needs change and your space needs change, you may want to consider expanding the kitchen. In many cases, this is a great investment. We do more in our new kitchens than many old kitchens were designed to accommodate. Some of the changes you may want to consider is adding more light with new windows, building out onto a slab or adding sliding glass doors.

You might consider relocating the kitchen to a larger room in the house. There are many considerations with such a bold move but it is amazing how a new floor plan can add value to the home and functionality to the kitchen. Make the kitchen the family centre.Before you decide to remodel, be sure to make a complete assessment of the existing kitchen. List all your strengths and weaknesses and jot down your improvement ideas.

Five Common Remodelling Mistakes

A kitchen design can go awry quickly. These are the five most common mistakes in new kitchen designs.


The key to staying on budget is often to understand what appliances you will really use. It is easy to get lost in the technology and overbuy. Identify your needs, become familiar with the technology and energy efficiency of todays new appliances and always shop before you buy.

Poor Lighting

Lighting and lighting options are an important part of the kitchen redesign. Good lighting provides a user-friendly cooking area. Consider dimmer switches so that you can adjust the lights to your needs. Not having a good lighting scheme is a common flaw in new kitchen plans. You should also carefully consider how many outlets the kitchen can use and where they should be located.


The floor is the design foundation for a new kitchen. The floor is not an area to cut corners. Money spent on quality floor products is money well spent. Consider the popular wood, finished floors. But, there are many different types of tile, including terrific granite offcut tiles. Granite tiles are durable and easy to clean. They make an impression and indicate real value.

Cheap Cabinetry

Cheap cabinetry will come back to haunt you and usually it doesnt take long. You must research the different types of cabinetry for quality ad functionality. If you choose an island, consider how much storage can be centered in the working area. You may want to consult with several professional kitchen designers to get reliable quotes and to view different products but the most durable kitchen cabinets are granite!


If you want to add functionality and flare to your kitchen, consider the backsplash. This needs to be resolved before the cabinet installer arrives. Again, granite offcuts make for a terrific backsplash. They are easy to clean and add stability to the kitchen design.

There's a lot to consider when planning a new kitchen, but what fun it is!

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